Enjoy your project.

Synapse is a firm specialized in the high quality management of complex research and development projects in the biomedical sector.

Synapse partners with national and international organisations, both public and private. Our company goes beyond classical project management and brings in added value capabilities in team management, vision management, strategic thinking and project intelligence. Synapse’s expertise extends to market knowledge, business planning and valorization of research results.

Enjoy your project
We believe a research project should be an enjoyable experience for all partners.
Without ideas there is nothing to manage
For us a good scientific idea is the essential pillar and the origin for any successful and enjoyable project.
Partnership VS Service
We aim to provide an excellent personalized service, but we see ourselves as a committed partner – together we pursue mutual benefit.
Our structure is based on our broad experience and knowledge in the project management field.
Leveraging your leadership
Leading a complex research project with multiple stakeholders from a very diverse range of environments and countries is not an easy task.