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The overall aim of iPiE is to is to develop frameworks that utilize information from toxicological studies, pharmacological mode of action and in silico models to support more intelligent environmental testing of pharmaceuticals in development and to prioritise legacy pharmaceuticals for full environmental risk assessment and/or environmental (bio) monitoring.
The iPiE Summary Database Search (iPiE*Sum) provides high level summarised access to the properties, environmental fate characteristics and ecotoxicity of APIs, which are collected during the course of the iPiE project from 2015 to 2018.
iPiE*Sum is a web-based application conceived as a service to inform what studies have been performed by pharmaceutical companies for the approved pharmaceuticals. iPiE*Sum is now available for public and the regulatory bodies to get a high level overview of what studies have been collected. It summarises information about available eco-toxicity data and studies of pharmaceuticals.
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