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The ADVANCE project represents unique collaboration between key stakeholders in the sector, including European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), European Medicines Agency (EMA), national public health and regulatory bodies, vaccine manufacturers, SMEs, and academic institutions.
ADVANCE aims to review, develop and test methods, data sources and procedures which should feed into a blueprint of an efficient and sustainable pan-European framework that can rapidly deliver robust quantitative data for the assessment of the benefits and risks of vaccines that are on the market. The framework supports health professionals, regulatory agencies, public health institutions and the general public make better informed decisions on immunisation. The project runs a number-of-proof of concept studies (PoC) to ensure the platform meets the needs of its users.

The ADVANCE project was launched in 2013 and it`s approaching the end of its life-cycle. ADVANCE Steering Committee members met at M贸n St. Benet (Barcelona) during the 5th-6th of June to discuss the work in the final months of the project and sustainability. The first day of the meeting, the project achievements were summarised. The discussion about the post-project funding opportunities and on how to guide the Blueprinting process and remaining project activities was held. On the second day of the meeting, the SC had a fruitful discussion on the sustainability framework to ensure that ADVANCE delivers a sustainable platform for rapid post-marketing evaluation of the benefit-risk of vaccines and proposals. The SC also discussed about the PoC 2 studies planned to start over the summer. The work on building the post-ADVANCE system is progressing, and the Steering Committee is hopeful that the project will result in a sustainable framework for vaccine benefit risk monitoring.
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