Focus on knowledge creation

Without ideas there is nothing to manage

Synapse has sponsored the third edition of the Real World Epidemiology Oxford Summer School. This course is aimed to explore the existing sources of real world data, discuss common types of study and designs for its use, and look in-depth into the issues and solutions linked to big health data usage. The topic is very much aligned with many of the projects and initiatives that Synapse is currently managing (ROADMAP, EU-ADR Alliance, etc.). The course is now a well-established event and has been fully booked this year. The audience ranges from pharmacists, clinicians, academics (including statisticians, epidemiologists, and related MSc/PhD students); Industry (pharmacy or device) and Regulatory staff with an interest in the use of routinely collected data for research.
Eva Molero, CEO of Synapse, has spoken at the course on Project Management in Real World Epidemiology, highlighting the key role of project management in large, complex and distributed studies. Moreover, she has shared the experience of the EU-ADR Alliance, a collaboration framework for running observational studies (drug safety, burden of diseases, prescription patterns, etc.) in a federated manner, using extracted data from multiple European EHR and healthcare databases.
Gloria Garcia -member of the Synapse team- has attended the third edition of the RWE Oxford summer course 2018 and reports back that it has been an invaluable opportunity to learn about the processes and progress currently emerging in the epidemiology field, in a high-level environment. The speakers involved were able to engage a wide variety of attendees in clear and practical lectures around complex concepts and materials, making the learning process fluid and smooth. Moreover, the group activities programmed facilitated the exchange of expertise of students with really different backgrounds, enriching the experience and enabling to build good rapport with experts involved in the field. Overall -Gloria says- it has been a very positive experience where to improve my professional expertise in epidemiology and has given me the possibility to build successful business relationships.