Focus on knowledge creation

Without ideas there is nothing to manage

The virtual webinar organized by Confederación Empresarial de Madrid (CEIM) and the community of Madrid, focused on European funding for projects on R+D+I in the healthcare sector, was held on Wednesday 27th of October, gathering leading professionals from the private (Biohope, PharmaMar) and public sector (Universidad Politécnica and Universidad Carlos III), all institutions from Madrid.

Key aspects of the experience participating on European projects R+D+i from different points of view   were discussed at the round table, with the aim to promote involvement within companies based in the community of Madrid.

Carlos shared Synapse’s experience, which extends along more than a decade as a consultancy firm specialized in the high-quality management of complex Research Projects in the Healthcare sector, participating in more than 30 projects with outstanding partners in all Europe.

Synapse, headquartered in Madrid and Barcelona, counts on the following areas of expertise: Administrative, Financial and Legal Management, Project Intelligence, Team management, Data and Knowledge Management, Results exploitation, Sustainability and Dissemination & Outreach.