Focus on knowledge creation

Without ideas there is nothing to manage

This year SYNAPSE is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a highly positive balance: 25 projects in total, almost 20 people in our team and a large network of partners from a great variety of stakeholders at both national and international levels (pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, research centres, academia, hospitals, regulatory authorities, public health authorities, etc.).
SYNAPSE creates value in innovative and collaborative partnerships in the biomedical sector.  By managing a portfolio of large and ambitious projects in the health domain, SYNAPSE enables synergies across the projects partnership towards successful achievement of results. SYNAPSE has become a partner of reference in IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiatives) projects. This is the result of hard work and commitment of the SYNAPSE team and the trust and support of our project partners. As we look back, we would like to thank the EU, our partners and our clients, and those who believe in what we are working so hard to accomplish.
That said we had enough reasons to celebrate this anniversary together with our team and collaborators in Barcelona last Friday, June 15th where we all had a wonderful time while talking about some of the most memorable moments since the company’s creation.
The last 10 years have been an incredible experience and the next 10 promise to be just as exciting, if not more!