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From 25th to 29th of June 2018, the Oxford Summer School on Real World Epidemiology will be held at the Lady Margaret Hall college in Oxford. The Director of the course is Prof Dr Prieto-Alhambra, Associate Professor and Co-Chair of the Big Health Data User Group, NDORMS, University of Oxford. This four-day training targets pharmacists, clinicians, and academics interested in the use of routinely collected data for research. The course will handle the topics such are: Data discovery and Characterization, Epidemiological study designs, Prediction modelling, Big data methods. Eva Molero, Synapse CEO, will speak on Project Management in Real World Epidemiology and the EU-ADR Alliance experience.
Synapse is supporting the Oxford Summer School on Real World Epidemiology from its first edition, and we are very proud to continue this sponsorship for the third consecutive year. Both, University of Oxford and Synapse are consortium partners in the IMI-JU funded EMIF project, that aims to develop common technical and governance solutions and improve access and use of health data and collaborate in multiple observational studies.
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