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Patients Active in Research and Dialogues for an Improved Generation of Medicines

The overall goal is to provide a framework that allows structured, meaningful, sustainable and ethical patient engagement throughout three key decision-making points of the development of medicinal products.
PARADIGM’s specific objectives are to (i) strengthen the understanding of stakeholders’; (ii) strengthen systems-readiness towards patient engagement across the diverse range of stakeholders; (iii) ensure maximum synergies with other initiatives focusing on the patient’s voice in the life cycle of medicines; (iv) develop an inventive and workable sustainability roadmap to optimise patient engagement in key decision-making points across medicines’ R&D, demonstrating the inherent link between patient education, patient engagement and truly valuable innovation, and ensure long-term use and iteration of the resources developed during the project with sustainability models matching the needs of each stakeholders.
PARADIGM has a life span of 30 months and a budget of €9.1M distributed across a total of 34 partners from patient organisations, regulatory bodies, universities, non-for-profit organisations, SMEs, trade associations to pharmaceutical companies, mainly sponsored by the European Commission and the European pharmaceutical industry (via EFPIA) under the auspices of the Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (IMI JU).
For more information, contact info@imi-paradigm.eu or check out http://imi-paradigm.eu/


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April 16, 2018