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Synapse is part of the Project Management team of the TransQST project (Translational Quantitative Systems Toxicology), kicked-off on 23-24 January 2017 in Barcelona (Spain), and which aims to develop novel computational approaches using the best available data from the public and private domains to improve the understanding of adverse drug reactions (i.e. unwanted side effects of medication) in order to reduce significantly patient morbidity, mortality and hospitalisation costs.
TransQST will provide innovative methodologies and software tools to leverage the best available data and expertise from both public and private domains to generate and validate novel computational models that will help addressing the problems of safe drug development. Specifically, the project will:

  • provide fit-for-purpose QST models addressing key toxicity outcomes for liver, kidney, heart and GI-tract.
  • provide quantitative risk assessment for off-target toxicities in man based on in vitro and in vivo models.
  • provide a quantitative mechanistic read-across from species (in vitro and in vivo) currently used for the toxicological evaluation of a new drug.
  • provide definition and applicability of the human physiological and pharmacological relevance of preclinical test systems.
  • provide a battery of translational biomarkers that can be used for quantitative read-across from in vitro systems to man, and which relate to intracellular pathways (and systems) relevant to drug toxicity.

The project brings together world-leading experts from 21 partner organisations, including 8 pharmaceutical companies, 3 Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and 10 academic institutions.
The 5-year project is coordinated by the University of Liverpool and led by the pharmaceutical company AbbVie.
SYNAPSE, in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, supports the Executive and the Steering Committees in steering efforts from partners, following-up activities and monitoring compliance with the work plan, planned resources and time schedule, including also quality control and risk management. SYNAPSE is also leader of the Communication WP, promoting the dissemination of information and knowledge generated by the project to relevant stakeholders through adequate tools and dynamics.
TransQST is mainly sponsored by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the European pharmaceutical industry (via EFPIA) under the auspices of the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking (