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Synapse is part of the Project Management Office of the HARMONY project (Healthcare Alliance for Resourceful Medicines Offensive against Neoplasms in HematologY), which will be kicked-off on 16-17 January 2017 in Salamanca (Spain), and will capture, integrate, analyze and harmonize anonymous patient data from high-quality multidisciplinary sources to unlock valuable knowledge on multiple myeloma (MM), acute myeloid leukemia (AML), acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL), myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and pediatric HMs.
Building on pre-existing, long-lasting collaborations between Academic institutes and the pharmaceutical industry, HARMONY shall further advance HM management through a more efficient process of treatment development and rapid decision-making. The expected outcome will be better prognosis and quicker life-saving decisions, important for patients suffering from these hematological diseases. Specifically, the project will:

  • Develop a data sharing platform that empowers clinicians and policy stakeholders to improve decision-making
  • Establish a network reflecting the European HMs landscape
  • Define clinical endpoints and standard outcomes in ALL (paediatric & adult), NHL, MM, AML, CLL, MDS
  • Align key stakeholders on relevance of these outcomes (policy makers, payers, patients)
  • Provide means for analysing complex data sets comprising different layers of information
  • Identify specific markers for early registration of innovative and effective therapies for HMs

HARMONY’s final deliverable is a big data platform which integrates outcome measures and endpoint definitions for HMs. The project brings together world-leading experts from 51 partner organisations from 11 EU Member States, including 7 pharmaceutical companies, and involving key stakeholders and opinion leaders in the clinical, academic, patient, HTA (health technology assessment), regulatory, economical, and ethical fields.
The 5-year project is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Jesús Marïa Hernández (Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Salamanca) and Dr. Guillermo Sanz (Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Hospital La Fe de Valencia), and led by two EFPIA companies, Tayyab Salimullah (Novartis Oncology) and Pam Bacon (Celgene International).
Synapse, as member of HARMONY’s PMO, will support the Executive and Steering Committee in steering efforts from partners, following-up activities and monitoring compliance with the work plan, planned resources and time schedule, including also quality control and risk management. SYNAPSE will also support the development of synergies with other IMI initiatives and stakeholders, within WP6 activities.
HARMONY is mainly sponsored by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the European pharmaceutical industry (via EFPIA) under the auspices of the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking (
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