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This year Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is celebrating its10th anniversary, and this comes precisely in a year when Synapse is also celebrating its first decade of existence. From 2008 Synapse and IMI have grown side by side. The IMI has launched over 100 projects over the last ten years, and 13 of them are managed by our project managers. During the 22nd and 23rd of October, in Brussels, IMI is organising Scientific Symposium, meant to bring together IMI projects` stakeholders, partners and researchers to share projects` achievements and learn from one another.
The Scientific Symposium will feature more than 80 posters, over 25 oral presentations and several panels on topics ranging from personalised medicine to patient-centric approaches in drug development. Young researchers involved in IMI projects will offer a glimpse into some of the stellar science that IMI projects have been doing in various disease areas for the last ten years.
We are very proud that 10 projects managed by Synapse will be present at the Symposium. Besides poster presentations, five oral presentations have been selected. EPAD and AMYPAD (aiming at better understanding, treatment and diagnosis of Alzheimer`s disease) will be presented during the “Stratification towards personalised medicine” session.  EMIF (the European hub for health care data intelligence) and HARMONY (aiming at enabling Big Data technologies for efficient drug development and better treatment of hematologic malignancies) will be presented during the “Enablers for discovery and development of new drugs”. Finally, during the “Collaborating to fight infection” session, DRIVE (aiming to advance European cooperation in influenza vaccine effectiveness studies) will be presented.

10 IMI projects, managed by Synapse, will be presented at the Scientific Symposium

We are looking forward to meeting our partners and learn on other IMI projects in Brussels!
First draft agenda for the Symposium available here.
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