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With almost 100,000 patient data sets identified and 63,000 already transferred to the HARMONY Big Data Platform, the HARMONY Alliance is fully equipped to facilitate state-of-the-art research into blood cancers.

Big Data Platform

The HARMONY Big Data Platform is a unique research infrastructure, with a data lake and advanced big data analytic tools, that is being used to accelerate the development of more effective treatments for patients with Hematologic Malignancies (blood cancers). More than 100,000 patient data sets have been identified now and over 63,000 have already been transferred to the Big Data Platform. The data sets have been shared by Partners and Associated Members of the HARMONY Alliance.

The HARMONY data lake is one of the largest databases of its kind and it is still growing. Careful procedures have been installed to ensure the anonymization and the quality of the data. In addition, HARMONY’s data scientists have developed sophisticated methods for data harmonization and analysis.

Artificial intelligence to decode Hematologic Malignancies
Data barometer – view the large number of data sets collected and harmonized

The HARMONY Alliance is a partnership where more than 100 European hospitals, research institutes, medical associations, patient organizations, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, and IT companies contribute. Synapse is one of the partners of the Consortium and is part of the Project Management team.  Read the full article here