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Synapse brings together 56 academic, pharmaceutical and SME partners, including 120 European scientists from the European Medical Information Framework (EMIF) project, in Barcelona during the week of the 8th-12th December.
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As the overall Project Manager of the EMIF project, Synapse will welcome the EMIF project partners to Barcelona for a week of events that will take place. The EMIF project gathers 57 partner organizations from across Europe for five years (2013-2017) with a budget of 56 million Euro to develop a common information framework of patient-level data that will link and facilitate access to diverse medical and research data sources, opening up new avenues of research for scientists. To provide a focus and guidance for the development of the framework (the EMIF Platform), the project is focusing on questions relating to obesity and Alzheimer’s disease.
Each of the three EMIF topics, Alzheimer’s, Metabolic and Platform, will hold their General Assembly meetings during the week of 8th-12th of December 2014. As all partners will be in the same location, EMIF week also offers an important opportunity for cross-topic meetings and scientific debates to take place. The meetings will allow for partners to share project progress and to examine solutions to scientific challenges identified in EMIF to date.
In addition, an EMIF Colloquium has been organized which will allow EMIF partners to explain the importance of real world data and the potential of EMIF unlocking this information, to a broader audience. The Colloquium attendees will consist of local stakeholders, pharmaceutical companies, the research community and media.
All project meetings will take place in Hotel H10 Marina in Barcelona, and the Colloquium will take place at the nearby Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB).
An overview of the agenda is as follows:
• Dec 8-9: General Assembly for EMIF-AD
• Dec 10: General Assembly for EMIF-Metabolic
• Dec 10: EMIF Colloquium (Open to external audience)
• Dec 11-12: Consortium Meeting for EMIF-Platform
For more information about the EMIF project visit:
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