Focus on knowledge creation

Without ideas there is nothing to manage


Last week EHDEN announced the first release of the EHDEN Portal, with free access to the research community. This launch took place during the OHDSI Europe Symposium 2022 held on June 24 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The Portal includes a Data Partner Catalogue and Feasibility Dashboards that support data discoverability (findable under Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) principles) and is a key research tool in addressing the challenge of Europe being a data ocean but a desert for analysis.

This Portal content will be continually updated, with the inclusion of all EHDEN Data Partners when they complete their mapping cycles to the OMOP common data model, in addition to subsequent modules to support interoperability and reuse via data visiting/remote analyses with standardised analytical tools, again within the FAIR principles. Hence, the Portal will ultimately support the full research workflow from hypothesis and data discoverability through to analytical outputs, with all steps in between.

The Portal also includes links to the EHDEN Academy, which currently offers 17 free and on-demand trainings developed by the OHDSI/EHDEN community, now followed in more than 60 countries, and evidence generated in more than 50 OHDSI/EHDEN publications, study-a-thons and use cases.

Montse Camprubi, our Senior Project Manager and EHDEN Community Manager, reflects on the new portal and shares – “The enthusiasm across the community for the EHDEN Portal to be publicly accessible is high. EHDEN Data Partners are eager to move to evidence generation after mapping their data to OMOP. More than 60 of them have already published their entry in the Portal and more than 30 others are working on it. The launch of the EHDEN Portal will definitely contribute to expanding network research collaboration and interaction.”

For more information and to request an account in the EHDEN Portal, see more here.