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The European Health Data and Evidence Network invites Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Europe to apply for training and certification to map health data from various formats to the OMOP common data model (CDM). The EHDEN project aims to create a thriving ecosystem of data sources interested in making their data available for federated analyses in the CDM, and of SMEs who help them map this data into the OMOP format.

In March 2021, the third open call for SMEs was launched. A considerable response was received, which resulted in the selection of 22 SMEs who joined EHDEN for the certification process. Our SMEs partners are very diverse in geography and organisation, and bring with them a wealth of experiences in working with health data, standardisation and interoperability.

The Certification meeting of this third cohort of SMEs took place between 27 September – 1 October. We thank our SME colleagues, and EHDEN colleagues who were instrumental in this process.

The SMEs had completed the ETL learning pathway in the EHDEN Academy over the summer period, with great feedback, and continued in the certification meeting with contextual sessions on the OHDSI research framework, ETLs and observational methodologies, as well as on specific tooling used.


A specific dataset was explored as a use case to evaluate the SME’s ability to conduct an initial ETL through the remainder of the week, culminating in the results by the latter end, and announcement of the results.

We are very pleased to have the following SMEs joining the EHDEN journey, and who have been certified, adding to the 26 in the SME Catalogue imminently and almost doubling the total of SMEs to 47 now in 19 countries across Europe:

Aridhia Informatics United Kingdom
Arkhn France
Covcariance Greece
DataRiver Srl Oy Italy
Healthware Group S.r.l Italy
Heliant Serbia
IOMED Medical Solutions Spain
Lifebit Biotech Ltd United Kingdom
LynxCare Clinical Informatics NV The Netherlands
Magalhaes e Taveira-Gomes Sociedade Medica Lda Portugal
Medaman Belgium
Med’Art France
Oncodesign France
Orco SA Greece
P.G.M.D. Consulting S.r.l. Italy
Productivity Leap Finland
Promptly Portugal
SciForce Ukraine Ukraine
SEMICROL Spain Belgium
Truewind – Sistemas de informação SA Portugal

All of these SMEs will be available for Data Partners to contact with for their ETL cycles, but also for others interested in mapping their source data to the OMOP common data model. We also look forward to collaborating with them, as we have our first two SME cohorts, in working with Data Partners, but also in tools, methods and skills development, also within the wider OHDSI community.

Congratulations to all SME colleagues for their hard work in attaining certification. EHDEN is rightfully proud of all SMEs, and of this unique programme for resourcing transition to the OMOP common data model in Europe at scale.