Top quality management

Proven track record on highly innovative research projects
1. Enjoy your project
  • We believe a research project should be an enjoyable experience for all partners.
  • Synapse aims to help partners to achieve their goals at all stages of the project development in the smoothest way possible.
  • We work to ease managerial tasks throughout the project life cycle so that partners can devote their time to their core interest: research.
2. Without ideas there is nothing to manage
  • For us a good scientific idea is the essential pillar and the origin for any successful and enjoyable project.
  • We strive to help researchers to turn their ideas into realities, because we know that having a good idea is not the same as making it happen.
3. Partnership VS Service
  • We aim to provide an excellent personalized service, but we see ourselves as a committed partner – together we pursue mutual benefit.
  • We are not just one more partner. We work by your side, hand in hand with you long before the project starts.
  • We are in constant communication with our partners to identify and anticipate the project needs.
  • Our structure allows us to adapt to your needs and provide a real helping hand when you need it.
4. Knowledge
  • Our structure is based on our broad experience and knowledge in the project management field.
  • We are a dynamic and flexible team, with solid experience of twenty years in research project management.
  • We are constantly building up our knowledge base, striving to work at the edge of innovation in research project management.
5. Leveraging your leadership
  • Leading a complex research project with multiple stakeholders from a very diverse range of environments and countries is not an easy task.
  • We help you to succeed in leading such endeavours, providing expert assessment and assistance.