Focus on knowledge creation

Without ideas there is nothing to manage

The 13th project Consortium Meeting was held as a virtual event on 18-19 October 2021.

The progress of the project was commented and evaluated during this 2-day event by the close to 100 eTRANSAFE participants.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the Hands-on DEMO session of the eTRANSAFE system `ToxHub´ which is now progressing with great leaps through monthly releases. The aim of the session was to showcase the functionalities regarding data retrieval, visualisation and interpretation to the audience and gather insights to advance towards the next steps in the development pipeline.

The heart of eTRANSAFE is the aspiration to enhance translation from preclinical to clinical setting. The goal is to carry out a comprehensive analysis of correspondence and validity of animal data for human safety. With this purpose, one of the central topics of the meeting was to discuss this so-called Rosetta Stone concept and considerations related to clinical relevance.

Synapse, responsible for project management activities, provided an overview of the main objectives and deadlines in the months following the meeting, accompanied by an update of the project dissemination activities.

Sustainability was another of the key topics exposed during the event. A dedicated session led by Synapse focused on establishing priorities and short-term goals for project sustainability.

We thank all the partners and SAB members for their contributions to this event and hope to see all of you again at the 14th Consortium Meeting in early 2022!